Tongariro Crossing

Paul, Annie and the Team know their stuff. Having lived in the park since the

early '80's these guys will not only shuttle you to and from Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu,

they will make sure you will be doing it SAFELY. Ask them about LoTR trivia too.

Sail Barbary

Sail the Dreamcruise BARBARY

Pete's Team re-define relaxing.... Sail on this classic yacht!

Fish with Stratus

Fish with Stratus

Marty knows the spots... Any time of year... Any Weather...

If you want a to catch a Trout, these are your boat!


Absolute TAUPO

This Motel is close to our heart. Formerly named the "Sahara Taupo" it was the first motel on Taupo's Lake Terrace.

Built in the 50's by Rebecca's Mum and Dad.

Flying Trout Boutique Bed & Breakfast Taupo

Sumptuous, Relaxing and those views...

Need We Say more?


Fly Fishing for Men with Cancer

Reel Recovery

This is an International Organisation which is close to my heart

Run in NZ by Craig Caldwell.

I had Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3, both sides of the diaphragm in 2003

with a 5% chance to make it.

I wish this organisation was around when I battling it, as I battled thru it with

my Wife, Family and Close Friends. However none of them knew my

inner thoughts and fears etc.

Trout Valley Wines

Trout Valley

This is the fantastic wine we stock in our Eatery