Our Beers

 A complex mix of Malt and Hops using the traditional Lagering method of the early 1800's.

Smooth and full bodied with a biscuit malt base and light effervescent hop character, our crisp lager leaves the palate Fresh.

A perfect match for smoked meats, sausage and pungent cheeses.

Available On Tap, 500ml & 330ml

A lighter version of an IPA this cheeky little number is best had when the thirst is full,

on a hot summer's day or relaxing after skiing on Mt. Ruapehu. Pale in name, but not in nature! 

Our session ale is classically balanced and lightly hopped with a point of difference -  we season it with a hint of lemon and thyme. 

Simply refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to Trout!

Available On Tap, 500ml & 330ml

Inspired by the local Obsidian Volcanic Glass this Dark Porter is not what it looks like.

Sharp, Smooth, .....Enduring and Highly Sort After. Brewed with roasted barley creating notes of

espresso and dark chocolate.

Lightly carbonated with a velvety creamy mouth-feel offers a lingering finish.

A perfect match for red meat, game, cheese and chocolate or caramelised puddings.

Early harvest of Granny Smith Apples fermented with pineapple creates subdued tangy notes.

Along with passionfruit aromas the style is clean, crisp and refreshingly neutral - between Dry and Sweet.

Drink while enjoying sharp cheeses or spicy foods.

Looking for a Hop Fix? This is the one!

This is the grown-up cousin to our Taupo Pale Ale.

Ale Yeast fermented to approx 6% and Lager Yeast to approx 10% - all while using a

Lagering technique -  produces our strong, clean and clear Imperial. There is a complexity of flavours by 

dry hopping with Motueka, Centennial, Galaxy and Cascade. Including the creamy earthy background

of the Chez Saaz (Pilsener) hop we have created a remarkably sensational taste. Hop aromas abound!

This one is always a fun surprise, and very popular. We are always getting fun ideas that break the mould.

A beer lineup is never complete without a Wheat Beer, we call it the DAY POACHER. It is a Wheat Beer.

Coriander, Orange, and Blood Grapefruit on the nose, plus Galaxy Hops make this a subtle Wheat. 

Sure there are stronger ones out there but the delicate tones in this beer are delish!

To Compliment our Day Poacher, we made a Night Poacher which is a Dark Wheat Beer.

Dark Burnt Wheat Malts blended with Coriander, Orange, Blood Grapefruit, and Galaxy Hops make this mouth numbing Dark fun and

great with spiced foods.  

Light Biscuity Malts with Styrian Golding & Czech Saaz Hops have produced

a fresh tasting aromatic lager that is full bodied in style.

Summer Stone-fruit such as Apricots as well as Tangelo can be tasted from these hops.

Refreshingly dry with a touch of Tang.

Food Match with Camembert, Ham and Chicken.

Smokey Ginger Beer - 0%abv Ginger Beer with a smokey  kick.

The ginger is cold smoked with Pohutakawa and Birdberry wood. Seamlessly punctuated with honey & lemon.

 This All Natural beverage is very good for the digestive system and has 80% less sugar than other gingerbeers .