Merry Christmas

posted Dec 16, 2016, 4:51 PM by Anton Romirer

It's almost been a year since my last blog, wow time flies.
What have we done this year?
Doubled our Refrigeration Storage and Refrigeration for the SmartBREW Glycol cooling system.
Halved our Ale and Lager Fermentaion Time with the help from the good folks up in Mannheim Brau Labs., Germany.
Visited about 20 Breweries in Italy, Austria and Germany in April and May. (gee research is a bitch)
Visited SmartBREWs only competition, Flecks Brauhaus Teknik just north of Graz, Austria.
We spent time with our Austrian Family in Kobenz, and St. Georgen ob Judenburg, as well as following the Romirer Family's Brewing Heritage
that we never knew about when we started Crafty TROUT.
More recently we have seen staff rotations from Chrissy and Eileen to Liz, Kate, Jessica and Brittney, and now our two from France, Karein and Adeline.

We have been using the Tip Jar Money to spend on our Staff leisure time.....
We threw them off into the Waikato River with a bungy attached to their feet, THANKS TAUPO BUNGY
We relaxed them sailing on Lake Taupo, THANKS SAIL BARBARY, Jaime and Sarah.
We dunked them in the lake, THANKS BIG SKY PARASAIL
We sprayed them under Huka Falls, THANKS HUKA FALLS JET BOATS
We scared them buy going Airbourne, THANKS RAPIDS JET BOATS
We tired them out on the Tongariro Crossing, THANKS ADVENTURE HQ. Paul and Annie

Several BBQ's and Trips away from Taupo, Gee its a rough life working for us!!

We are looking forward to our upcoming year, 2017,
Several things are on the drawing board:
New Fireplace, more Fermentation Vats, new AV system for the Brewery Tours (that way I don't rabbit on too much)

We thank you all for your support through 2016, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic 2017
Rebecca, Myself (Anton) and our Team look forward to Laughing, Talking, Dining, Drinking, and working with you in the new year.
Many Thanks
Anton Romirer

January 2016

posted Jan 26, 2016, 4:47 PM by Anton Romirer

Well we have now been running since September 2012, Brewing since November 2012, and open to the public since April 2013.
And PHEW, what a roller coaster!
We have stuck to our original plan, no advertising, no big noting, just plain good old word of mouth.
And traditional Austrian 'Gemütlichkeit' (look it up).

Where to from here? Well, nowhere!
We love creating the atmosphere for our customers and friends that can be enjoyed here onsite, or all bottled up!
We hope you 2016 has started as fantastically as ours.
Anton, Brewmaster

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